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Bolshoi Ballet - Swan Lake - ROH - July 2016

The Bolshoi Ballet - Swan Lake - Royal Opera House - July 2016

Olga Smirnova and Denis Rodkin
Olga Smirnova - Odette and Denis Rodkin - Prince Siegfried
Denis Rodkin and Olga Smirnova
Olga Smirnova and Denis Rodkin
Denis Rodkin - Prince Siegfried and Olga Smirnova - Odette
Denis Rodkin and Olga Smirnova
Ruslan Skvortzov - Prince Siegfried
Georgy Gusev - The Fool
Vera Borisenkova - Siegfrieds Mother
Prince Siegfried - Ruslan Skvortsov and The Princess Regent - Vera Borisenkova
Daria Khokhlova, Ruslan Skvortsov and Kristina Kretova
Daria Khokhlova - Princes friend
Ruslan Skvortsov - Prince Siegfried
Kristina Kretova - Princes friend
Kristina Kretova and Daria Khokhlova - The Princes friends
Ruslan Skvortsov and Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet
Mikhail Kryuchkov - The Evil Genius and Ruslan Skvortsov - Prince Siegfried
The Evil Genius - Mikhail Kryuchkov
Anna Nikukina - Odette
Ruslann Skvortsov - Prince Siegfried and Anna Nikulina -  Odette
Ruslan Skvortsov and Anna Nikulina

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